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Join us THIS SUNDAY for “Location, Location, Location,” with Pastor Marc at 10:30 am.

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It’s not too late to donate! f you would like to be part of this event by donating, please bring supplies or money for supplies this Sunday.


Let me tell you a little bit about RENEW. I'll use the five letters of our name. The "R" stands for the most important thing - we RELY ON JESUS. He is the Lord of our lives and we must RELY on Him for everything...His LORDSHIP, His SPIRIT, His WILL, and His HELP. The "E" stands for EXCEL IN SERVICE. We want to EXCEL in SERVING Him and others. We believe that great leaders EXCEL in SERVING.  The "N" stands for NEVER GIVE UP. That's my life motto and what I want every believer to do. NEVER GIVE UP on following Him. NEVER give up on others. NEVER GIVE UP on our CORE VALUES. The "E" stands for EXTEND HOSPITALITY. The command of Scripture tells us to exercise HOSPITALITY to ONE ANOTHER and to NEW RELATIONSHIPS. We want NEW people to know they are LOVED, WELCOMED, and INCLUDED. We want them to CONTINUE to feel that way and ACT that way to others. The "W" stands for WIN HEARTS. We are not after your MONEY, your TIME, or your HELP. We are after the same thing JESUS is after - YOUR HEART. Once He has OUR HEARTS, He can use us to RENEW OUR WORLD! We'd love for YOU to be a PART of that process!

Marc Limbaugh
Senior Pastor



(470) 485-6633



335 Oak Grove Road
Carrollton, GA 30116



Sundays 10:30 am

Wednesdays 6:30 pm
Children's Ministry, Youth, and Bible Study/Life Groups

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